The Retriever Challenge 

Dockside Kennels

The Challenge is for hunt test people (and/or hunter) running AKC at the Master level, or UKC at the Finished level.  In two days you will run 22 to 24 challenging land and water blinds.  You will run blinds over points, past points, parallel-to-the-shore blinds, channel blinds and angle entry blinds.  The object of the weekend is to challenge you and your dog so that when you finish the weekend you'll be able to approach tests with confidence.

You will also run a set of land  marks with blinds. You will be called to the line from a holding blind, carry and shoulder a shotgun. You will have a walk-up, diversion birds and poison birds. You will honor another working dog. Your dog will think he is at a hunt test.  If you need help we are here to walk you step by step through the process and will show you how to correct any problems that may occur.

Besides our 20 acre property in Harrisville, including our 5 acre technical pond. We also lease 315 acres in nearby Greenbush, this property is a former strip mine for the building of Wurtsmith Air Force Base and offers some of the best land/water/land entries that you could ever imagine. This property is one of a kind and is a must see for any serious, amateur or beginner looking to improve his or her skills! You'll hear us talk about Ridley Road and Weismiller Road, typically we start off on Ridley Road on Saturday morning and progress over to Weismiller Road where blinds get increasingly more difficult. The now "Infamous Tea Cupper" blind will challenge even the best of the best dogs and it isn't for the faint of heart, be ready with your whistle on this one!!

Welcome to Dockside Kennels, we're Sean & Sherree Barbey from LaRue Ohio. Training dogs has always been a passion of ours, we also enjoy teaching and watching handlers improve their skills.

​At Dockside Kennels, we also offer complete dog training services. Anything from obedience, force fetch, swim by to handling drills are all done here. Sean & Sherree both enjoy watching a dog and handler come together as a team and will teach and train both. Yes, we'll show you how to handle your dog!